By Regi Partamian
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A Pillar of Conviviality


When it comes to our work, we feel like we have been on top of the game for more than a dozen years. Our collection is made for those who value jewelry that are made to last.


Clients usually approach us to build something personal for them. We discuss what they want, but in the midst of the discussion, the conversation extends beyond jewelry and we learn about their life story as well. In the workshop, we are conscious about the story of each of these individuals and amongst ourselves we have brief conversations about them. By getting to know our clients, the work we put in to build the personalized jewelry is more fulfilling and this gives forth jewelry designs that have their own unique identities. This may all sound esoteric, but it’s a process that takes place naturally.


I recently read the book Tools for Conviviality, and in it 20th century Croatian-Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich, writes;


I choose the term “conviviality” to designate the opposite of industrial productivity. I intend it to mean autonomous and creative intercourse among persons…I consider conviviality to be individual freedom realized in personal interdependence and, as such, an intrinsic ethical value. I believe that, in any society, as conviviality is reduced below a certain level, no amount of industrial productivity can effectively satisfy the needs it creates among society’s members."


We like to consider conviviality to be one of our company pillars. Being an online store, we tend to work with people from different countries, from all walks of life. Whether it is through email exchanges or conversations on the phone, we learn a great deal about our clients. And so it isn't far fetched to say that our vast array of jewelry truly reflects a global spirit, made locally here in our Montreal workshop. 





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