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American Inspired

There is an artificial border that separates Canada from the USA. Otherwise the borderlands natural homogeneity can be seen as a metaphor, constantly being exploited and interpreted to appease different world views. This nebulous affirmation sounds like the opening statement of a controversial geopolitical essay. I dare not stray on that path. Instead I shall realign myself and explain a more fitting interpretation of the homogeneity metaphor. What I mean by this is simply that we are influenced by our neighbours from the South in making our jewelry pieces.


America is so close. I personally have walked across the border twice, in the gaze of bewildered security guards. Because of the proximity, there is a lot of interactions. It’s only normal that Canadians and Americans are influenced by one another.  And in our day and age, the interactions have crossed from the physical to the virtual. Take from the radio, to the TV and now the Internet, this influence permeates us deep into our psyche. As I have shown in the last HALLOWEEN post, our fascination towards movies is quite evident. We share similar emotional responses when it comes to stories; how we feel about a hero or a villain in a certain story, or how we hope or expect a storyline to unfold. These stories, as exaggerated as some may be, are based off of real situations or the imagining of real storytellers. And I grew up with a lot of these stories that come from a country whose narrative is quite unique. The land from the East to the West contains people from all walks of life. It is not one gobbled up unicellular machine. It is a multi-ethnic landscape with contradictory characters that try and coexist amongst one another. And the ingenuity of our work and our inspiration stems from this influence.


One of our fine pieces that is inspired by an American way of our life is this Legendary Thunderbird Pendant. This supernatural bird of power and strength can only make us be reflective towards the nature of our being. Especially because it derives from the indigenous peoples’ story which in turn is fundamentally in touch with mother nature. Their story is quite different from the present dominant narrative and today’s borders remain questionable amongst the indigenes. We also have these popular Baseball Cufflinks, and we decided to keep the design traditional. A great gem for a fan of the sport. These Texas Longhorn Cufflinks are an all time favourite as well. Maybe they remind you of the Longhorns football team or the breed of cattle that roam the pastures of the Lone Star State. Or they may induce you to fall into a reverie of an era long gone. The items that we sell arouses in Americans a sense of familiarity and belonging. These pieces tell a different story to each individual. We respect and admire this, and if my probing above wasn’t clear enough, we totally relate to this. We want to influence people, just like we are influenced by people. We want people to wear our handmade MAVA jewelry pieces with pride and with them, to not shy away from expressing their novelty .




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