By Ashley Thibault
Sep 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Many of our jewelry pieces have some sort of story behind them. We’ve decided in this new year to share some of the stories, in order for you to feel as connected as we are to the pieces and to get to know them a little better.

As I’m writing this, I’m looking out onto the white landscape of lush fluffy snow, just aching to be played in by children. When I was a kid, probably one of my favorite winter activities was making snow angels; I just couldn’t get enough! In my eyes they were so beautiful even though they were so simple to make.

Angels fascinate a lot of people. You hear stories all the time about guardian angels and miraculous things happening. I think whatever brings hope and joy to others can never be a bad thing, whether it is tangible or not.

This pendant was made for a client of ours who had lost their sister a few years back. Her sister had always been fascinated by angels and mythology and so we thought the perfect way to pay hommage to her was with two simple angel wings. It comes back to the beauty of those snow angels – sometimes simple is best.

We designed the wings like two little charms, allowing them to move as you do. Our client expressed to us how thankful she was for our help in commemorating her sister and feels now like she is always nearby. We were truly honoured to have helped her out in our own way. 


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