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Here in MAVA’s workshop, we reflected upon CANADA 150 and its significance to our family-run business. If it were not for Canada’s long immigration history and its commitment to build a functional multicultural society, a company like MAVA would not exist.

Miro immigrated to Canada in the 1980s. The country’s social safety net along with it’s nonchalant relationship with newly arrived immigrants made it easier for Miro to adapt and immerse himself in the multiethnic communities of Montreal. The environment was ideal for Miro to build a family and to explore his ingenuity of jewelry making. Thirty years forward and his children followed in his footsteps to establish the brand MAVA. 

Our interpretation for Canada’s 150th anniversary inspired us to design these maple leaf cufflinks. The precious metal components are made of 925 sterling silver and 10 karat yellow gold, whereas the white and red colouring are made of enamel.

We are pleased to share this handcrafted jewelry with other fellow Canadians whose rich and intricate heritage reflect our own experience of what it means to be Canadian in our time and age.


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