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The Rhino Pride Foundation is in action to protect the remaining rhinos from poaching. The objective of this foundation is to generate funds to manage the present battle with rhino poaching and its effects.

These and many more foundations are what make up the non-profit Animal Avengers, the fitting force to prevent wildlife threats, from poaching and preserving species from extinction, to supporting conservation projects. An organization working to support people on the ground in Africa doing great work to save & protect our animals everyday, from Rhino Pride Foundation to the Tikki Hywood Trust.

It is crucial that we take action and educate ourselves about the current threats to wildlife, that is why we are happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with Animal Avengers. This holiday season, 50% of the sales from the items depicted will go directly to this great cause.

Check out for more information on the work Shannon Elizabeth is doing.


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