By Ashley Thibault
Sep 19, 2017 Leave a comment

How do you set yourself apart from the crowd when the crowd you stand in all looks the same? You can’t just be brazenly different because the corporate world has a set look, and it is sometimes inappropriate to deviate from that said look.

The professional working man styles a suit with set of stylish shoes, a belt, and a tie. But how else can one stand apart? Even with a bow tie or some classic suspenders, the modern suit calls for a powerful player to pull it all together. 

So what is this power player that sets you apart from those next to you? Well, let’s take a look. You have the matching shoes with that nice belt. They got that too. Their shirts blend gracefully with their suits. The same goes for you. But here is the kick: when your hand lifts to go for the client’s handshake, you have those cufflinks that pull together that gold piece on your shoes, belt, and tie clip. What a subtle yet powerful way to make a lasting impression!

From our classic Coin cufflinks to our Roaring Tiger cufflinks and everything in between, we offer a vast variety of cufflinks to detail your look, that allow you to fit into to businessman mold but still let you stand out. Check out our collection!




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