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New Year’s is right around the corner. The Christmas rush is over and you’ve finally got the gifts out of the way. Now you’ve got resolutions and goals to think about.  With each new year comes added pressure, pressure to give up certain things, pressure to become a better person – you know the drill.

You’ve got to do something different. “Same old” isn’t cutting it.

Rings have been symbols for companionship, love, promise, friendship for thousands of years. Sports teams gets rings when they become champions. Graduates get rings to commemorate their achievement. What about a ring to represent you? At MAVA, we offer such a wide variety of styles that is sure to represent what you’re about and what you would like to accomplish.

We think its important to remind yourself of what you want out of life, and a ring is the perfect way to do it. How many times a day do you look at your fingers- whether it be consciously or unconsciously? The answer to that is ALOT. Now imagine a ring that symbolizes something very near and dear to your heart. It can fuel the fire that keeps you going, keeps you working hard to achieve your goals, or just to put a smile on your face. We truly believe that it has immense power, more than some people realize.

What inspires you? Choose the color. Choose the style. From a ring with your bolded initials, to the fierce lion that brings out your wild side, to the religious emblem that brings peace and clarity; choose a ring that when you look at it, feel it, wear it, you get brought back to that goal. Wear your resolutions on your finger, so you never forget what you want to accomplish.


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