By Regi Partamian
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Uncanny Inspirations

Halloween is around the corner and if you haven’t noticed already, MAVA has a collection of jewellery that is sure to give folks the heebie-jeebies. It’s not a stretch to say that the MAVA team has true horror fans who are inspired by scary movies.


The skull, being a hallmark of Halloween has been an obsession for us, presented in our Cranium Collection. We go way back in finding ideas, before even slasher thrillers were trending. One movie that stands out is Jason and the Argonauts where the skeletons rise up through the ground and as they await their master’s command, a creepy mood settles in. This stop-motion model animation created by the acclaimed artist Ray Harryhausen was quite refreshing and in style back then. Tim Burton stated once that stop motion brings characters to life in a way that CGI never really could and I agree with him. The expressionless stance of the multiplying skeletons in the movie and the eerie music slowly builds up to the fighting scene, ample time for dread to pervade the viewer’s mind, something that could be disregarded with CGI. Army of Darkness with the army of the skeletal undead is another movie that comes to mind. This has given us the idea of creating side by side skull heads in our Circle of Skulls Ring and its counterpart designs. In a way, we pay homage to every horror flick with the hero finding himself in a cave that holds a mountain of skulls with a heinous provenance.


While we delight ourselves in old school movies of senseless butchery and bloodbaths, we don’t shy away from the contemporary stuff and we don’t disregard CGI either. Take our Dragon Gem Cufflinks. Settling a sapphire stone was an inspiration from the ice dragon in Game of Thrones. Even with its computer-generated and special effects, the scene where evil Viserion torches the wall with blue flames is quite surreal and haunting. If only our dragons could breathe fire!


It’s great to share a glimpse of our sources of inspiration. Here, the theme being Halloween, we wanted to write about where our skulls, dragons and spiders come from. The designs remain classy and unsullied in their finishing touch, yet the imagination where they derive from tells another story.



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