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Accessorizing with cufflinks has mainly been associated with men’s formal evening wear – the tuxedo. However, the modern man of the 21st century is bringing the cufflink back. It takes a man of great sophistication, class and style to pull of the cufflink – and these men know the value it can add to the entire look.

Historically, the cufflink has been worn by men of privilege and wealth, and only those who could afford it could adorn themselves in gold and silver. Nowadays, it is accessible to the general population, no matter your wealth or status. They have become another way to express your individuality. Anyone from a businessman looking to spruce up his everyday look to a man dressing up for a night on the town can use cufflinks to their advantage.

Like all jewelry, cufflinks are an extension of the wearer’s personality. It allows the wearer to show off without even saying a word. Whether you love the look of our classic coin replica cufflinks or our badass skulls cufflinks, we have something for any occasion and any personality.


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