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Where to get custom jewelry?


Where to get custom jewelry? My friends often ask me this question. They think custom jewellers are separate than wholesale or retail stores. Let’s back up on that statement. For those who don’t know, wholesale is buying jewellery in bulk from a producer and selling it for very affordable price, either directly to the client or to other sellers, kind of like being the middle man, where managing logistics is central for a wholesaler. The words retail stores are where goods or jewelry pieces in our case are actually designed and made in-house and the retailer tends to be the jeweller who sells his or her own product directly to the client.


In our case, we own a family run business here at MAVA and we deal with our clients face-to-face based in Greater Montreal, or online if the client contacts us from far away. This means that we are a retail/e-commerce store. Now, to answer the question of where to get custom jewelry? It might come as a surprise, but a few items that we are selling on the website presently came to fruition thanks to clients who first contacted us, asking if we make custom jewelry.

Our jewelry varies greatly due to broad creation demands from our clientele.  One of the latest designs that was asked to be made is this gargoyle piece. The client wanted a small keychain and a pair of cufflinks from it. Link will be posted once we list the item.



The client first approaches us with his or her idea for a jewelry piece. We normally draw sketches and send them to the client along with an estimation of the price. Once approved, the jewellery making begins.  Handmade is one way that we create the piece. Our in-house bench jeweller uses his traditional techniques, of carving the design on wax and then he uses the process of investment casting (also known as lost-wax casting) to create a mold, which has an inner wall that is the exact negative of the original model. Investment carving is an old method that has been around for more than 5000 years, but only for a fragment of that period in our MAVA workshop! With increased heat, the melted gold or sterling silver shoots into the mold, recreating an almost exact copy of the wax model. Then, the jeweller gets to work with carving and polishing until the final result. Another way that we make our jewelry nowadays is in our 3D printing department. Once printed, the casted jewelry is then passed on to the jeweller who once again carves and polishes the piece.


When it comes to custom jewelry, MAVA is definitely the place to consider since our source of inspiration does not only derive from the ingenuity of our team, but more than half of it comes from the imagination of clients worldwide. At first, it is a challenging feat when we are asked to create this so and so jewelry, but the fun lies in the work and also the close rapport that we build with the client during and after the whole process. We enjoy receiving feedback from them and it is an honour to have them as repeat clients. With the season of weddings and graduations upon us, be sure to check out our Signum Collection for customizable monograms!



  • Posted on by Eric Page

    I bought a ring from you about 15 years ago. It was a ring with a visage and a cross on aide. Can you still make it…

  • Posted on by AP

    Very nice post! Very educative! good job Regi

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