By Ashley Thibault
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“Why animals?” people have asked us. Why not? Think of this: What better way to commemorate your beloved pet than by having them on a pair of shiny cufflinks? What about our Hulking Bear bracelet that can remind you of your sheer power and perseverance in the face of an obstacle? Why not have that Roaring Lion pendant on your chest, bringing back memories of your African safari? Even it’s just because they look so cool with your outfit – why not?

We know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In this case, it’s not everyone’s MAVA style. But take a closer look. These animals are part of our world too. They are the guardians of the wild, companions in film and television, loyal pets who have become family. Animals are cohabitants on this planet we call home and we must honor them as best we can.

People will always notice what you have on, and that’s where the conversation starts. A beautiful piece of jewelry can open the doors to new relationships and friendships, all simply because you decided to wear your heart on your sleeve that day – and that’s a magical thing.

It’s been said time and time again – you are what you wear. You have the power and the choice to be whoever you want that day. Whether is with a bold statement piece or a delicate ring, our animal jewelry complements your mood and style. So whenever someone asks, “Why animals?”, you can proudly say to them, “Why not?”

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  • Posted on by Suzi Smith

    Thank you for creating another Kimani ring and pendant. Years ago, I asked you to create a Kimani ring and pendant. They came out just beautifully! I was so surprised to see her immortalized again in your beautifully designed work of art. Brought tears to my eyes that she is still as charismatic and honored in Idaho Falls Zoo. She was ripped from the San Francisco Zoo and placed in Idaho in their breeding program. I understand she gave birth to two cubs, but both passed. I still love her dearly, and am glad others love her enough to immortalized her in your beautiful art. Kimani has touched many hearts, I wish I could still see her. I miss her very much….?

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