Jewelry designer Miro, along with his three children, Anto, Vrej & Anna, launched the MAVA brand in 2007. With over forty years of experience in the jewelry industry, Miro has built a reputation amongst his peers for being a steadfast and adaptable jeweler. He has a curiosity for world happenings and he stays informed of shifting jewelry desires.


Creating jewellery for friends and family has been our labor of love and more so a hobby for many years. We are self-taught artists and our goal is to create out-of-the-ordinary & inimitable fine jewelry designs. Each and every one of our models are designed in-house and handmade to perfection using Miro’s modus operandi. This work formula facilitates our ever evolving skill set, which in turn rejuvenates the look of our designs, resulting in novel trends. 


We constantly reconfigure our designing skill set, which in turn rejuvenates the look of our designs. We work mainly with sterling silver & gold and we use various types of gemstones. We also specialize in creating custom pieces and are able to modify & customize any of our designs to turn your vision into reality.


At MAVA, our customers’ satisfaction is paramount. When we design a jewelry piece, we create it with attention to every detail, so that our customers cherish their jewelry for generations. You not only get a piece of jewelry, you also get a work of art that is truly original and one of a kind. Every piece is our pride and we stand behind our work to ensure that customer satisfaction is always a guarantee.


MAVA is the realization of our dream for autonomy and artistic expression. We invite you to explore our website and discover our passion for handmade jewelry.


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